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World of SteelCraft Rules | World of SteelCraft

World of SteelCraft Rules

Here’s the rules that you need to follow within World of SteelCraft.
If reading this rules is difficult to you, you can try to check Basic English Rules of World of SteelCraft

Section 1 | Major Rules #

A. No one is allowed to destroy other players builds without permission

B. No one is allowed to steal other player’s items.

Section 2 | Do’s and Don’ts #

A. Do not use these apps:

  1. Toolbox for Minecraft PE
  2. MCPE Master (now stopped)
  3. Other apps that function like these apps.
    Using these apps will make you banned!(Read Section 3C)

B.If your username is listed on Elimination List, you have to appeal your elimination to the admins as soon as possible

C. You have to obey rules or punishment will be handed to you.

D. You have to accept your punishment or punishment will worsen.

Section 3 | Banning, Punishments and Elimination #

A. Player that is inactive for 12 days will be tagged as inactive and will be removed to the community unless his reasons are reasonable.

B. Reasons that are reasonable are:

  1. Studies
  2. Busy for something (not for other games).
  3. Personal Problems(Family, Self)
  4. Work

C. The following apps specified to Section 2A are not allowed to use on the WoSC Servers Premises. If Admins know that you are using these apps, admins will decide your fate if you will be banned or you will be eliminated.

D. Cheating is not allowed! Admins will decide the cheater’s fate if he/she will be banned or he/she will be punished if he/she committed cheating.

E. Members who will not report the cheaters immediately as soon as they know will be punished.

F. Here is the list of offences that would be the guide for the punishments:

First Offence1 week suspension
Second Offence2 weeks suspension
Third OffenceKick or Ban

G. Report the exploits

H. Newly joined members should be active within 5 days.

I. In case of newly joined members cannot join within 5 days, they should give valid reason mentioned from Section 2B

J. A member should be active within 15-30 minutes in order to be considered active.

Section 4 | Members Role #

A. Follow and comply with rules/law that exists.

B. Report admin or members that do not follow the rules/law

Section 5 | Admins Role #

A. Enforce members to obey the rules/law that exists

B. Follow rules/law that exists

C. Take action to the members that do not follow the rules/law(there should be the presence of the all admins)

Section 6 | Player Faults #

A. When a creeper explodes at the house or builds of another player, the player that makes the creeper explodes will not be blamed but you must help to rebuild it. If player do not help, this will be counted as an offence.

B. When a player accidentally punched a player leading to its death, no one will be blamed.

C.If a player accidentally destroys something on the property, the player must fix it, and when the player doesn’t fix it, it will count as an offence.

Section 7 | Players Property #

A. All must follow the rules given by the owner of that said property.

B. When the player does not follow the rules given, the property owner will take the action but with compliance to the rules on the server.

Section 8 | Server Property #

A. All must follow the rules given my server admins of that said property.

B. Destroyed properties are covered by Section 6

Section 9 | Community Guidelines #

A. Profanity should be avoided or minimal

B. NSFW or Mature Contents is prohibited

C. Sharing malicious links, sites or files is prohibited.

D. Talking about other games should be minimal

E. Harassing members, hacking their accounts or exposing their identity are extremely prohibited

F. Talking about illegal stuff or any topic that is prohibited by law is prohibited

G. Community guidelines of every messaging platform(Facebook Messenger/Discord) must be followed.

Section 10 | Clan Guidelines #

This is a special rule for clan/nation/faction members and leaders.

A. Clan must have 2-3 members in order to be considered a clan

B. Clan must have certain goal in order to be considered clan

C. During the war, clan is allowed to attack other clans anything what is the reason of it

D. There will be exception to Section 1B when there’s war.

E. War should be Clan-to-Clan in order to be considered war

F. It will not be considered war when the involved parties are Player-To-Clan attack or Clan-to-Player attack.

G. Leader should be responsible with their members. Leaders have the authority to punish, or kick them from their clan

H. The loosing side of the war should give winning side a reparation.

I. Admin will regulate the reparation

J. Clan member should follow the nickname pattern: <username> | <clan name>

Section 11 | Moderator Role #

A. Enforce members to obey the rules/law that exists

B. Follow rules/law that exist

C. Report rule-breaking activities that member committed to admins.