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What is badges? | World of SteelCraft

What is badges?

  10 April 2022  World of SteelCraft

Badges is given every events or every achievements you made on SMP Server

How can I get some of it? #

Participate on events, or do something notable on the WoSC History.
You can invite some members up to 10 members to get an Invite

Is there a way to check it? #

You can check the status of badges here

Badges information #

Default Badges #

Default badges that you can get easily

Admin Badge #

The badge of the WoSC Server Administrators

Veteran Badge #

The badge of veteran members

Invite More Badge #

The badge of a member having invites of specific amount of members.

Ban Hammer Badge #

The badge of a member being banned on WoSC SMP Server

Event Badges #

Badges that you can only get every events.

King of the Hill or Kill Event Badge #

The Kill of the Hill Event is a planned event that will be held every Saturday.

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